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Half-Blood Kingdom - Book One

~Table of Contents~


Book Description
Character Drawings and Bios (Spoilers)
Book Summary/Cliff Notes Version
Chapter One - Monday
Chapter Two
Chapter Three - Tuesday
Chapter Four - Wednesday
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven - Thursday
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Eleven - Friday
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen - Saturday
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen - Sunday
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen - Monday
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty One - Tuesday
Chapter Twenty Two
Chapter Twenty Three
Chapter Twenty Four
Chapter Twenty Five - Wednesday
Tournament Schedule *Spoilers*
Chapter Twenty Six
*Characters Special* - My Favorite Place
Chapter Twenty Seven
Chapter Twenty Eight
Chapter Twenty Nine
Chapter Thirty
Chapter Thirty One
Chapter Thirty Two - Thursday
Chapter Thirty Three
Chapter Thirty Four - Friday
Chapter Thirty Five
Chapter Thirty Six - Saturday
Chapter Thirty Seven
Chapter Thirty Eight
Chapter Thirty Nine
Chapter Forty - Sunday - Ending

Makiilu -

Half-Blood Kingdom 2

~Table of Contents~


All Characters - Part One
Main Characters Chart - Part One
Character Drawings and Bios (Spoilers)
Book Description
HBK 2 Cliff Notes Version
Chapter One - Monday
Chapter Two - Tuesday
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six - Wednesday
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten - Thursday
Chapter Eleven
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen - Friday
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen - Saturday
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty One
Chapter Twenty Two
Chapter Twenty Three
Chapter Twenty Four - Sunday
Chapter Twenty Five
Chapter Twenty Six
Chapter Twenty Seven
Chapter Twenty Eight
Chapter Twenty Nine - Monday
Chapter Thirty - End

Half-Blood Kingdom 2 - School Days




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project-wild-nature -

Currently working on Art <33

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Happy Birthday!!


DemoDemo of swift
Swift was simply walking around in the forest, not suspecting that bandits were following him and surrounding him from all ways as he simply readjusted his sword. He looked around but lazily not seeing so he continued like nothing was wrong. The bandits shot arrows at him but by pure luck, missed every shot.
But then they started to get tired of them always missing swift so one of the melee bandits charged forward against Swift with subtlety and with his sword drawn. Swift simply looked at the bandit as bandit jumped on and striked at Swift, but there was no moving the sword as the bandit just landed on the ground still standing.
There was a scared look in the bandits eye’s as he slowly fell to pieces of flesh. All the other bandits watched in horror at this as Swift just stretched and sighed while as he took out his katana. But then he disappeared, there was nothing of him, the bandits looked astonished as screams of pain were heard.
The bandit leader heard all the
  Tricio's storyOnce upon a time not to long ago, Tricio was just a little child. He was orphaned at a young age and never got the chance to see or meet his parents. But despite his past, he is brave. But sadly extremely weak due to unknown reasons. All his so-called friends always bullied him. One day he found a mysterious stone colored with a grass green but glowing a light blue color, the rock looked interesting so he stored it into his pant pocket. Soon he felt extremely sick, but no one helped him cause he was a orphan and an unwanted filth. So he got weaker and weaker until the next week he died of the sickness.
The stone started glowing and shining brightly with its blue color and accidentally somehow revived Tricio’s mind and body, and he got new soul that entered his body and begun helping him with all its intelligence and strength, that soul is called "HastyPheus the guardian."
Now Tricio is stronger than before, his body more energetic unlike his old weak one. A rich family later adop

Many a time I have been told is a deadly weapon employed on humanity and by humanity.
And now I know fear… knowing a person is going to kill themselves and you are powerless to stop them from doing it.
That moment is when you truly know what fear is, like syrio said “Fear cuts deeper than swords to the hearts of men.”


Avatar x Jinx cosplay edit by Xx-Phantastic-xXPhoenix Wright and Lightning Crystal Cocoon by Xx-Phantastic-xX

Ryu x Ken Vs. Avatar Tactician Cosplay Fighter by Xx-Phantastic-xX

My Miku Hatsune Painting by Xx-Phantastic-xXMy Phoenix Wright villager in his Miku town!! by Xx-Phantastic-xX
Full of Life by InaWolfsimage

April Blooms by InaWolfsimageGreenish by xmilek

Readiness by xmilekTranslucent by xmilek

Siblings by xmilek

Fervor by xmilekUntil the Time Comes by NovaHeroi

Silence by DragonRider716Snow Fall by DragonRider716

20140407- DSC0921-Edit by therealandyhoffWaiting by AgonizingSwordfishHarley sleeping by lokifan20

Dominance by xmilekOpenness by xmilekUnderstanding by xmilek

Lonely boat by RazielMB

Tulips Island ~ Daily Feature Award by RazielMB

Somehow, somewhere... by mi-ya-ka

Emilia - Commish by artistmyxCommission for cindyscarlettmageart by Marcylittleninja

Simply happy by Shou-ryuPC:Dusksunset by Luxiella

Love Jar by kellisan1234Break Free by KittyCarousel

My College's Life by KuromausuOne page with Shizuo by Ayanotyan

Ice Queen by Clovis-cutestkittenThe Swordsman by Clovis-cutestkitten

Within My Reach by xTW15T3DxFAT3xMitsukuni Haninozuka by SierraFaith

Hatsune Miku by KyroJHora Reboot : Professor Rosewood by RavenideTime for tea and stuff by Iprie
Kiss Request by tasiams2014.4.7 by Hope-chan00
060414 - yuu by oreiioSkitty Easter Gijinka by lorenavldz09

Lovely Lorelei by lorenavldz09Family Day by lorenavldz09

Minccino Gijinka by lorenavldz09Dedenne Gijinka by lorenavldz09

Loki Journal Doll by iAzarashi Winter-Blink by RatchetFan1201   Extra for Shinning Bell Adopt 1 by Haruka28

Random Artists Features :)OK, so I have just had a mini heart attack, It has just taken my Laptop, A HOLE HOUR TO OPEN UP GOOGLE CHROME. ONE HOUR OF PANICKING THAT I WOULD HAVE TO TAKE MY BABY TO BE FIXED. ONE OUR OF WONDERING IF I CAN PERSUADE MY MUM TO PAY FOR THE REPAIRS, and one hour deciding that the first thing i'll do once GC has repaired itself, is do a random artists feature, so yeah, congrats to everyone who's work I feature on doing some amazing pieces of art, and I hope that people watch you and like your work as much as I do. Anyway, words over, lets move on to the feature!
  The HeartBleed thing...IN ENGLISHOkay..for those that have no clue whats going on since they don't understand technogeek language:
For the past 2 years, there has been this nasty computer virus sneaking about that no one knew about. How nasty do you ask?
Pretty nasty..this thing can see your passwords, bank info, emails, passwords, basically almost everything that you have done online on a unprotected site.
What sites have been unprotected? Pretty much all of them. I won't get into the technicalities of it, but just think of your normal day-to-day internet usage and yup, you get the hint.
OMG OMG WHAT DO I DO?!?!: First off, relax. Obviously they found out about it. Granted they are telling you to change your passwords and all that, but to do so right this very instant is pointless. Why? Because most sites have yet to update the part where this virus got in. So basically if you change your PW now, you are going to have to do it again after this weekend when I"m sure that 99.9 of sites will have updated their servers t
  Featured Artist - 4-9-14:iconoanalivia:
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
 Cloud Town by oanalivia  Hortensio by oanalivia
  Commissions Open.Information:
Pixel commissions:
E x a m p l e s:
Digital commissions:
E x a m p l e s:

Bunny Emoji-42 (Awww) [V2] 

Beyond the Harbor's ReachMist-shroud isles
Become my daily treasure
From beyond these homely hills
Where I earnestly peer
As time sheds away
Fallen away
Like cold hail stones
Eternally lost
With the restless tide
I implore to scale
Those distant slopes
That pierce the haze
With staunch defiance
Banished from the care
Of familiar coasts
The thoughtless flicker
Of home and certainty
With eyes drawn
To the quaintest bliss
I helplessly ponder
Weaving what might ensue
  All I HaveI tend to the plumes
Of coffee pots
To the high noon cries
Of scalded kettles
Days fall away
Like tainted prose
Consigned to waste
Depleted and hollow
Like half-hearted sonnets
In a journal’s fold
Languishing through the years
Unlovable and obscene
All I have
Are rail-thin fables
Feeble offerings
To the massive void
To fall unheeded
Instantly foregone
Is the lingering fate
For the legion I spawn
  Cool Wisps of YesteryearThe lost warmth
Of her bare skin
Taunts my frontal lobe
Until holding back
Becomes sheer torment
Coasting carefree
Along sunbathed
And serene shores
Fuels my current frame
To jet far away
From the curse of memory
Perished angst
Is buried in the embers
Of the daily toil
On and on
To and fro
Until dirt mounds covet
Spent cavalier moments
I mourn the swirling dive
Of former worlds
Consumed in bright flames
As they wail and plummet alone  
Farewell to the legions
Of savory recollections
The cool wisps of yesteryear
The heat of youthful
  Coiling the Inner BedlamFor kindred hearts
Who’ve stumbled upon clarity
With fragile skin
And blaring, boastful thoughts
They madly swarm
Passionately searing
Scouring for escape
From the confines of reluctance
Stouthearted words
Hang resolute
From the cusp of their lips
Awaiting fertile moments
To expel their inner bedlam
Too few dare
To cast them out
When fate is generous
Lending its drawn out silence
Some never depart
Never knowing liberation
Content In their smothered angst
Perfectly fine
With their dying fury

Little RemainsLittle Remains
For Puabi
Little remains but leisure
Time for a couple's sweetest pleasure
We treat each other's heart as a treasure
Lying back to gaze at each other
Seeing the love that never dies
In each other's eyes
The eye is path to the lover's heart
Breathing deeply to vow
Love deeply now and forever
And part our ways never
  Sweet KarmaSweet Karma
For Puabi
What goes around comes back
Who we knew then
We will meet today
I cannot be sure it was truly that way
But we must have loved then
Till we died
And vowed that we will meet
Who knows except our hearts?
Why care.
We are here now
  Love Haiku 2Love Haiku 2
A high fire burning
Speak softly and blow its flame
It will warm the heart

Soul Eater Fan Fiction: Chapter 1Chapter One: Theiving Fox
   Brisk night air was wishing past her ears.  Her hair flowing behind her.  She was carrying all sorts of items and trinkets all stolen of course; she had just robbed another town blind in the dead of night.  This girl was Zora.  The had long hair that came down to the middle of her back, her hair started off orange at the top of her head, then closer to the end it faded to black.  She little fox ears with black tips; she had a tail, but she could choose if she wanted out or not.  Her eyes were quite strange, her left eye was a mysterious dark blue, the other eye was the one that intruiged eveyone that saw her.  Her right eye was green; however, ot changed with her mood.  When she was happy or content it was green, if she was sad, it would become blue, confusion was marked by purple, love was of course pink, anger and fury were the color of blood, hunger made her eye yellow, and smartness was orange.  She
  Hollow Chapter 20 ENG - Last Chapter-
English translation by Lyona-dono
“We are only grains of sand but we are together.”
Each wave holding the foam was making Gilbert remember the dear one he had lost a few days ago, without even trying to find her back, knowing deep inside that it was impossible, she was not in the same world anymore and was back with her species, despite of her own will...
Hollow had disappeared, her figure had vanished for the last time through the portal, that stormy night etched in every minds, carved in the rock now covering the young man's heart.
The girl's presence had disappeared in the horizon as easily as a handful of sand in an open hand, letting no news behind her, no sign of life since the event that happened this sad Saturday night. He was sure of one thing, she was still alive, but for how long ? He did not know her state, might it be physical or psychological and had never been so worried for someone until this moment. Even if he had not her besides him, he could

Random Member Feature - Goodnight-Melbourne:icongoodnight-melbourne:
Goodnight-Melbourne is a self taught traditional artist from India and has been a member of Deviant Art for 3 years! He enjoys a variety of media, especially acrylics and pen and ink. His gallery also includes photography and digital designs as well! In his bio, he states "I am in love with colours. I paint because of the intense urge of creation that gets me. The nature, nostalgia and several psychological states are the the prime sources of my inspirations." I know I feel inspired when I look at his works, and I am certain that you will too!
Samples from his gallery:
Escaped by Goodnight-Melbourne  Blue Butterfly by Goodnight-Melbourne  
Have a coffee by Goodnight-Melbourne  Summer Rain Wallpaper by Goodnight-Melbourne
If you wish to be eligible for the next random member feature, please comment with your thoughts on :devgo
  Something that will make you laugh XD"Okay, so how do I get to your house again? *driving*" 
-just turn left after u-turn!- 
"turn left after u-turn?"
-no, left-
-turn left after u-turn, on stop-
-ugh. Turn left onto stop after u-turn!-
"okay....left after u-turn then stop?"
" where's your house?"
-on the left-
-no left! Left onto stop after u-turn!!!-
me and my dad were talking about funny names for streets, he said there should a road named u-turn and I said there should be one named stop, I also said there should be a road called that so you could say 'that road' XD so that's that story....

Raffle Time!!Okay so~!!
I've decided that I'm going to host my first ever raffle *^* !!
This is because I really need to thank you guys for helping me reach 400 watchers for the one year I've been active on here. Q//A//Q !! Seriously, this means a lot that you guys enjoy seeing me and my art grow!! <3
Let's get this show on the roaddddd~!!
:bulletblue: You must be watching me so you can stay on track with updates and such!!

:bulletgreen: Fave this journal

:bulletblue: **OPTIONAL** Make a journal [ poll is fine as well!! ] and you'll get an extra chance in the raffle

:bulletgreen: Link me your OTP in the comments!! [ For obvious reasons ] and after you include the characters' references, tell me something about them!! [ This is very important since it will help me determine how the OTP pagedoll's going to look~ ]
First Place winner will get an OTP Pagedoll like this!!
  Features, Yes Love These Deviants

 Red Road Prologue by Akuma-chan253 Art Trade #2 by Akuma-chan253
Emperor Penguin by StarrySkyKnight Before the Main War by StarrySkyKnight My Light in Crow Darkness by StarrySkyKnight
Baby OC or whatever by N7Dragon Request: Kitsuneintheblizzard by N7Dragon i'm not dead by N7Dragon
A Final Ending Part 1 by Mythic-Knight Another Layout by Mythic-Knight A Final Ending Part 2 by Mythic-Knight
Lavender by Shinju-chu But Behind the Scenes by Shinju-chu Sunflower Night by Shinju-chu
  Wanting to send a good messageI felt it in my heart that I really wanted to.
First off thank you for the support all of you has given me on my writing, drawings and characters. It means a lot to me. Now you guys helped me learn to not give up and work my hardest to reach my own goals. It makes me feel confident and I couldn't be more grateful. I wish I can show about how I seriously appreciate this because I put a lot of thought into what I do and I noticed that overtime I got better. Now my message to you guys is this: DON'T give up. I assure you that is useful. Keep trying and work hard on whatever it is that you want to do. It takes time, indeed but it's still possible. I've seen all kinds of people on here who are amazing and never gave up, so I'm proud of all. :D I notice the same thing on YouTube when I've seen well made videos or other websites for writing where I read peoples fics and I could tell they put work into what they do. I will keep trying to work hard and I believe in all my friends.

Warnings, Exams and GreetingsHi everyone :)
Hope you're doing all well? Well…
Surprisingly I'm fine ^^ I mean tomorrow I've got pretty important exams but I'm not the slightest bit nervous,
I'll have to held a presentation with two of my friends in chemistry about cosmetics and sunscreen…
I have the part about the bad ingredients so first 

I have a warning for all you girls (maybe boys)

Look on your cremes and makeup and if there is paraben in it throw it away! 
That is a very dangerous substance that causes cancer and worse stuff 
(cause there are benzene rings in it but that gets to much into detail ^^)
Also Titaniumdioxid, Citronellol and any nano particle stuff is dangerous 
Anyway after that I have only two tests left and than I could quit school!!!
But I not gonna do it
Education is for free in germany and I'm good at school so I'll do the highest possible exams in two years :D
I'll even be able to study what I want when I'm
  2014 Commission OpenHi!
I'm in vacation from work for 2 months so I could do more commissioned works plus I can concentrate more on them.
I got a little short for my finances right now for my son just got hospitalized but luckily he's ok now and is able to play already.
I would really love if help me by commissioning me to do artworks. I prefer paypal transactions but if the job I like the job I could also go with points. I may negotiate with the payment to some extent.
If your budget is a li'l short for my charges. You could show me what you want to be drawn or colored and if I like it I may give you a big discount.
Commission info:
-      anime/manga/chibi/cartoon(western)
-      Violent and slight gore
-     accept w/ or w/out BG
-       Accepting OC's and Fan Arts(human// Anthro/animals)
-       BL Ok!
  Please Read! Too Fat/Ugly to Cosplay. Really?Hello people that read this! Now, I’m not usually one to complain or argue against anything, in fact I myself have a pretty go-with-the-flow view on life in general, however something has caught my attention over the past year and I’d like to make others aware of it. Recently, and in the past, this particular topic has been discussed multiple times, with all favor to my personal opinion; though the reason I am bringing it up now is because it is affecting people that I know and care about personally.
In a nutshell, this ‘topic’ is the pathetic: “You’re too ugly/fat to Cosplay”.
It sounds absolutely ridiculous, but you’d be surprised how many girls and boys in your school or neighborhood alone have such a strong passion for Japanese Culture, namely taking a character one is fond of and expressing his/her vision of their make-up, hair, outfit and overall real-life depiction by using themselves as a model to do so. 
  A saying I've sworn byThis is a saying I thought of and use greatly.
It may not be 100% original, but it goes like this:
It is better to accomplish something than to accomplish nothing.

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