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December 14, 2013
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sparrows.Two sparrows sing
trading melodies
in their sunflower tunes
practiced carefully.
Trading melodies
in their innate romance.
An old love story
bound by hormonal trance.
In their sunflower tunes--
planned and lovely.
Announcement of spring bloom:
sweet discovery.
Practiced carefully,
the songs they never choose.
They're watched politely
on a sweet afternoon.

DesireWhat one can hope to transpire
Immersed in the glare
Of murky tribulation
Many nights fall away
From the blade of imploration
Shaving time fervently
In hopes for company
To assuage the anguish of the cold
Many fly their colors
Fastened to desperation
In search of the same wandering eyes
Longing for the safest place to fall
Those fortunate enough
Move on with vigor
Their stride replenished
In the strange revelry of romance
Those fleeting reveries
Ring true for the favored
As loyal dreamers
Stir alone
Beneath the powerful movements
Of the proud and bountiful night
  StellaPried from the summer smog
Was the angelic form
In her careful sashay
Through rusted avenues
Laden with pub and grime
To the arms of greater fortune
I sprawled by chance
Yet I do not
Dare to lend a single word
They instead rave
And dash madly through my mind
Leaving my tongue dormant
Idle and mute
Her puzzled expressions
Send me twirling in exhilaration
Blending with dismay and anxiousness
As my thoughts crumble
And scatter throughout my quivering nerves
She chuckles and carries on
Not before lending a nervous wave
I shudder
Sparing my own
Garnished with a shy smile and nod  
While her wedge heels clop on
Further and further away
Leaving me to swoon and reel
Reminisce, recall and recover
Fortune, has slayed me
Once again
  In Due TimeA host of erratic concerns
Pace the contours
Of a troubled mind
Swerving footsteps
Unravel the peace withheld
Gifts given from loving strangers
Stolen in the chaos of bottomless thought
The pestering itch of why
Rests defiantly in the small of his back
Anchored deep beneath his skin
Stern for his long
Meandering, degenerate life
Yet it quickly shatters
In a cool and collected sigh
As the mind’s footsteps
Slow and quiet
Briefly restored
For the calming cull of tomorrow
So he voyages further
For the refuge of promise
Where misty-eyed dreamers
Yearn to thrive
In the quiet hallows
Forever replenished

Sweetest Espresso EverSweetest Espresso Ever
For Puabi
Did you know?
Espresso can be sweet alone
No need to add sugar or honey
It is sweetest of all
When we drink
With a heart filled with love.
So, I sit at my café
With my hot espresso
It is the sweetest ever
My heart is filled with love
For only one.
Mon Coeur, Il N'est Pas FouMon Coeur, Il N'es Pas Fou
For Puabi
Mocha with a touch of caramel
Romantic songs in the other tongue
At last a moment to be together
My heat belongs to only one 
The coffee is sweet by itself
The caramel is enriched by her
I suck it through my straw
And look up to see her blow a klss
Mon coeur, il n'est pas fou jamais
Il sait qui que j'aime
Mon coeur, il n'est pas fou
J'aime ma cherie toujouirs

Her Face in the MoonHer Face in the Moon
"In the Name of Love"
For Puabi
For jus one moment the clouds moved away
The moon, though gibbous, was bright
Then, I looked up and I saw
A familiar face looking at me
The eyes twinkled, as they do every night
The breeze was her swift messenger
Think of me as you like
Someone close was thinking of me
It will not be long before I return home
To lie down again at her side

What He Means to MeWhat He Means to Me
An Ode to my Beloved
Dictated by Puabi
 "In the Name of Love"
What does my lover mean to me?
He means, to me, heaven and earth.
It seems that his kindness has no limits;
His soul has a noble birth,
A value beyond all worldly worth.
He keeps his body strong, to defend me.
His keeps his big heart filled with warm love.
His embrace feels to me, when I am in it,
Like a gigantic and protecting glove.
Oh! I am thrilled to stay beside him.
I am certain all heaven hears my song.
Certainly that alone will prove
That loving him cannot be wrong.
For his love has shown me that I am right
When we lie together every night.
Decorating for Christmas dayTime to decorate,
no need to wait.
I see the lights,
of the Christmas tree,
the jolly colors,
all around.
Spread the glee,
my ornaments.
though the day is near,
where we shall peer,
I see no harshness,
only kindness.
All that's left,
is the time we share,
as a family.
On this day we share,
laughs and giggles,
smiles and joy,
we spend it all together,
when decorating for this day.

Visual ART Magazine ~ December Edition by RazielMB

Christmas Blessings 2013 by Keziamara
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